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ConnectWise and Zendesk Ticketing System

The ConnectWise system is ticketing, made easy. If you are a business owner, whether it be small or large, think about your various amount of clients, and how they present service requests. Does it affect your business? If it does, you need to have a machine in place that monitors everything to prevent things from sliding by.

connectwiseConnectWise’s effective ticket-management policies permit you to bring everything under one roof with clients. For instance, anyone from the finance department, sales department, to the Chief Executive Officer, can rapidly analyze the status of your customers. It not only provides clients with a multitude of options but increases productivity.

Every product has cons. The ConnectWise system is much more complicated than its competitors, but it runs very well, and it does have the occasional bug. Four years ago, ConnectWise had serious complaints about their customer service, but they listened to the complaints and have become very colleague-centric. Unlike Zendesk, they also have a suggestion box, and they always ask customers for feedback.

zendeskZendesk is not as complex as ConnectWise. In fact, it is easy, and if you have any questions, the customer support staff is more than willing to assist you. The company revolves around three tenants: support, self-service, and engagement. It works very well and over 60,000 companies trust ZenDesk for those very reasons.

The cons are very minimal, but with innovation, it should not be a problem. The user-interface is not user-friendly on touch-screen devices, and many people rely on those machines in today’s world. Furthermore, if a client has an issue and needs to contact support, they have to create a separate username and password to submit a ticket. That can get confusing for the average person.

Have you ever used Yahoo or WikiAnswers? If so, do you recall how each website will suggest answers to you after you have submitted a question? Zendesk could become an easier tool to use if they did implement something similar. Again, the customer support staff is tremendous, but they can get backed up with calls and other inquiries like any other business. So, this addition would be huge.

Small Business Phone System Options

Business phone systems provide some computer-integrated instruments, which also includes expeditious messaging, video capability, and enhanced pager choices.

The Leader in the Industry
Cisco is the number one recommended phone solution for your small business. It supplies all of the features aforementioned, which are vital for this type of a system. Additionally, they bestow extra tools that other companies simply will not provide.

Business Edition 6000 not only has a catchy name, but it also has a large conglomeration of phone products available, but the features, partnership options, and technical support resources are superb as well.

cisco small businessIf you are looking for a marquee product to add to your small business, Cisco will augment your communication capabilities with your customers and your staff.

It also depends on the size of your server. But in either regard, you are in control, and it is up to you to design a platform that is best equipped for your company. Another helpful feature is the Unified Communications Manager. This bestows voice and video features, as well as multimedia conferencing capabilities, and more expeditious messaging options to magnify your communications. You will be able to disseminate information on more than just one form of media, which can be very helpful if you are trying to attract new customers to your business. Individuals will also be able to check their voicemail’s using this system.

The only con about Cisco is that it only offers a one-year warranty on its products in case it gets damaged or destroyed.

Ooma Office
ooma officeIf there was one phone system that comes home in a close second, it has to be Ooma Office. It is very well organized, as it is split into five head sections. They are manage, home, account, add-ons, and support for the technically challenged. Packages start from $100-$700. Of course, the $700 seems a bit pricey, which it is, but if you are operating a small business, there would likely not be a need to have such an expensive system, unless if you are an IPhone dealer, for instance.

Ooma is very easy to install. Within 20 minutes, you should be ready to go. That alone is enough for Ooma to rival up to the mighty Cisco.

3 Steps To Prevent Computer Malware

According to Kasperky Labs, more than 315,000 malicious programs come into existence every day. Malware creators are busy trying to wreak havoc on people who own computers. Many malware creators make the programs just for a thrill. However, some of them create the programs with the sole purpose of hacking a person’s computer. The following are three tips that a computer owner can use to prevent himself or herself from having hackers invade the computer through malware:

1. Install an Antivirus anti-virus protection

An antivirus is one of the first lines of defense against viruses and malware. An antivirus program can check for all manner of malware and nuke it before it gets into the system. Many of the antivirus companies provide consumers with free trials of their product. The names of some of the top antivirus providers are Kaspersky, Norton and McAfee. The trial periods last anywhere from seven days to 60 days. The consumer can decide whether to purchase the product after the trial period ends.

2. Stay Away From Strange Downloading Sites


Are Managed Service Providers Necessary?

If you are looking for someone to take over the day-to-day management of your company’s human resources, production support, or computer and information systems structure as a way to cut costs or free up your staff to take on greater responsibilities, look no further than a managed services provider.

Managed services is defined as the practice of outsourcing daily management responsibilities and functions as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses. Contracting with a managed services provider keeps you in ultimate control of the management of your company while they take on the responsibility of keeping your businesses infrastructure running smoothly at all time.

A managed service provider will assume the responsibility of undertaking a detailed set of services of your company, including: (more…)

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